“Your gateway to a successful future”
The Africarerafiki Institute of Entrepreneurship and social sector development is a place where those who have desires to become entrepreneurs and changemakers can come to learn and grow their skills. They will come and meet varieties of other successful entrepreneurs and exchange their skills and ideas. We will be collaborating with other successful institutes in creating training modules that will empower changemakers in today’s generation. Our key focus will be on uses of technology and innovation for scaling entrepreneurship and social impact. The institute will be running a yearly training workshops on varieties of topics both for entrepreneurs and social changemakers. In these yearly training workshops we will be featuring other successful entrepreneurs and changemakers who will be sharing stories of their journey to success, as well as inspiring others. Our main aim is to enable entrepreneurs to become change makers in their communities while they become successful in themselves. We want to training people to become responsible in all they do. We are here to empower changemakers with sharp skills they will need to succeed in today’s century. Our training will heavenly be focused on entrepreneurship and social sector development as we aim at training people who are going to/will be responsible to themselves and the community in general. At Africarerafiki Institute of Entrepreneurship & Social sector development, we believe that the need for one another is important in a successful life. Join us today for upcoming workshops and seminars, and check out who will be our next guest of inspiration.


  • Technology uses and implementation in growing your business
  • Incorporating third party products and services to grow your business
  • Effective communication skills in service and product delivery
  • Management & Leadership skills
  • Project and business fundings sources
  • Event planning & Fundraising skills
  • Planning and Goal setting
  • Assessment & Excution
  • Creativity and innovation


Africarerafiki is not a for-profit centered training institute, however we do charge a minimum fee for entrance in our training, these fees contributes to our sustainability and enables us to continue running our yearly workshops and seminars. Keep visiting our blog to see whats coming up next on Africarerafiki Institute.
Videos from our training and latest talks can be accessed from our YouTube channel, please do not hesitate doping by to see whats new…..
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