Thursday, November 3, 2016

Empowering local investment for economic growth

What needs to be done to gain more international market exposures.
So many times I am struck with the idea that, the reason why so many people with ideas can’t bring then to reality is because our government has yet to provide a friendly system that will motivate domestic investment. Our government is always ready to promote international investment (We see this everyday in our medias), while we have people right here in our country who can change the game.
We have people in our communities who when given the opportunity without too much complications could actually do great things. We see talent, instead of promoting and encouraging it, we diminish it. We wait for economic growth, yet we are not motivating domestic investment, we desire better quality of life, yet we make it difficult for locals to start up projects. It’s about time our government start creating friendly opportunities for locals to contribute into the economic growth of our nation. We should create a place where-by locals can be encouraged and motivated to conduct business affairs. We are promoting to much import over our own output. We as a nation need to see this and learn from it. We need to start creating opportunities and support for domestic investment.
We need to create a friendly environment that will encourage internal investment, instead of always relying on international investment. We need to seek for opportunities to support our industries to produce quality products and services. We need to start marketing our brands. Our nation has great talents to be discovered and empowered. It looks like we are are too much interested in buying that developing our own product and services, it’s about times we start a scheme that will empower the locals to take the charge and change their communities and the nation as a whole. Let us make processed simple for the local investor to be able to start up.
Government should start looking for ways to promote and create friendly systems that will empower people to start and set up products and services that will benefit the national economy. We have the talent right here at our home waiting to be uncovered, and it’s about the right time we open our eyes and see what needs to be done. The government should start promoting and enabling self employment. As a nation with a desire to grow and expand both socially and economically,we need to start seeing the big picture ahead of us. It is possible if we are all determined to get there, both the government and its people. More is needed to be done to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life, it all starts right here. We should at least look out for something to be proud of, let us learn of being proud of our people and motivate them to growth. As others are looking out for ways to promote self employment and personal development, the government should be looking out for friendly ways that will encourage them. If people are able to produce and what they produce is being taken serious, they will be more willing to invest the penny they have, which in all contributes to the national economic growth.
This are my thoughts for today’s blog.
Rumishael Ulomi (Founder & CEO – Africarerafiki Creative & Innovative Solutions)


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