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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Encouraging your child to overcome anger

This was an article that I read on a magazine last year and I thought that it was cool sharing it with you especially if you are involved with kids. You might be a teacher, father or mother; this article might be of help.

Why is this issue worth talking about? Because according to James P Steyer, founder of Common Sense Media, our children today are “A generation that has been repeatedly exposed to intense, realistic violence and grows up with more acceptance of aggression, less resistance to brutality, and less compassion. “ In Layma’s terms, that means the more violence kids are exposed to in the media and video games, the more used to violence they become. They become numb to seeing violence. This is just one of the reasons why kids may develop violent tendencies. As parents, how can we combat these tendencies toward aggression in our children? It is not an easy battle, especially when we sometimes do not understand why our kids are angry. Just remember that anger is a part of our emotional make up. It can be a good thing that may boost our efforts to overcome obstacles or challenges. The best thing we can do for our children if they have issue with anger is to help them learn how to tame and manage it.

Every child is different, but there are some tips that may help with yours:
Get them to breathe deeply through their nose 10 times; this is the fastest way to reduce the intensity of anger. Help them to say a calming phrase, such as ‘’relax’’ over and over until the anger has subsided. Lead them to a new activity, something that makes them happy, like teaching them the need to change their environment, or leave the situation that is triggering their anger. Remind them that anger is normal and needs to be channeled in a positive way.

On my point of view, I would suggest you taking some time to talk and pray with your child. Tell them what God wants best of them when it comes to the matter of anger. And remember that spanking can be helpful but also is a major lead in the destruction of a child’s behavior.

I hope that those tips might be of help to you. Chears! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you don’t mind. They are always welcome.

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