Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to add a simple scrolling news ticker to blogger blog.

How to add a simple scrolling news ticker to blogger blog. News Ticker is the most used widget in website specially News Portal websites. Here I am to show you and give one of the idea how to put Scrolling News Ticker in you blog. It is easy and simple.

1. log in to your blogger
2. go to the blogger dashboard
3. go to layout
4 Choose add widget
5. Choose HTML/JavaScript
6. Paste the code below on it

<script type='text/javascript'>
var w2bWidth="100";
var w2bScrollAmount="1";
var w2bScrollDelay="100";
var w2bDirection="left";
var w2btargetlink="yes";
var w2bnumPosts="5";
var w2bBulletchar =">>>";
var w2bimagebullet="yes";
var w2bimgurl="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-wi6qT2RGv4I/UCUqmmEaeVI/AAAAAAAABU4/9o4UBLNXpqk/s1600/NAV2.png";
var w2bfontsize="14";
var w2bbgcolor="transparent";
var w2blinkcolor="333333";
var w2blinkhovercolor="3366CC";
</script><br />
<script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.opendrive.com/files/M18yMTMzNzE2X3hGNmlpXzE4ZmI/smritirogi-rpscroller-v3.js' ></script><br />
<script type='text/javascript' src=" http://lifechangingproject.blogspot.com//feeds/posts/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=w2bAdvRecentPostsScrollerv3&max-results=10"></script>

7. Change the blog url in red to yours.
8. Save and preview you blog to see if its working.
Place it anywhere you want in your blog and you are good to go.

Hope you enjoyed it, Don't forget to check into the Blogger tips and tricks for latest updates. 


Tachi said...

Thanks man...working well on my site. Am glad you know God, my site is a christian site to empower young Christians as well

Rumishael Ulomi said...

Thanks Tachi, I was able to visit your site as well. If you want more of those blogger tips and tricks you should visit me here on this two blogs http://www.rumyofficial.blogspot.com/ and rumishaelulomi.blogspot.com. I hope that you will enjoy what I write there as well. Thanks again and be blessed.

Clansi Deena said...

Thanks for your tips, it is very useful to me.
SVG HTML 5 Animation

Puneet said...

Dear Rumi, I am using this ticker in my blog. but it is showing a lot of space above ticker. please solve my problem. my blog address is www.khulasatv.com

Wawan Beneran said...

thanks a lot Rumi, I am using your widget for my blog, veri nice

Aurorasa Coaching said...

Works fine on my blog. Thanks a lot. Only when I try to replace the little icon with my own I get stuck.

Mirza Abdul Rahman said...

how can we fast this ticker?? that ticker so slow


Aurorasa Sima said...

Mirza, maybe it´s your computer or something else on your site?
Look at mine, it´s pretty fast: http://blog.aurorasa-coaching.com

Noman Watto said...

Hi i want to to show news not a post, how can i do? Plz repl

Noman Watto said...

Hi i want to to show news not a post, how can i do? Plz repl

babar hussain said...

it is not work for me
check this please http://babarhussain786.blogspot.com

ANDYM IG said...

Hello admin please you code is working perfectly fine but my problem is i want it display pictures as well so picture and heading is there any code?
i have tried so many codes but it was not working as needed i don't know either i was not doing the right thing or not.
So please if you wanna help with codes let me know where to place those codes thank you.


awogor matthew said...

pls admin. I want to display TRENDING and not the icon that I am seeing on the ticker. how can I do it?

Web Hosting Services said...

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