Saturday, October 5, 2013

A morning prayer before I left the house saved me from a con man

On the 4th of September 2013, which I mean yesterday,( I am actually writing the date in case anyone reads later than this)  I was on my way to check on a client who had called and asked if I could design his blog. So I left in the morning but first I had to go to the bank to collect some money for my sister because we were supposed to meet up. I went to the bank and got the money, and then I catch up a bus to a local internet cafe where I usually meet up with couple of my friends. When the Bus stopped at the bus stop I met this guy who was asking me for directions, he told me that he had got into an accident and he wanted to go to Mikocheni to meet up some people who could help. He started showing me this envelope which had a certain kind of looking gold saying that he was suppose to take them to Mikocheni. But suddenly another person came up as well started reading the envelope, it seemed like this two people knew each other. In my head I started wondering why this guy wasn't telling him the direction to Mikocheni. I heard a voice in my head telling me to cross the road and leave the place. Without hesitation I did. I felt my heart telling me that this might be a con man so I had to live the place. When the two of them where talking I felt weird in my head like I wasn't understanding what they were saying. The funny thing is that even though I was the first one to cross the road, I found the man across the road already and this time he was trying to get a woman. All this made me to be alerted that this was official a con man and he was here to con people. What people like this usually do is that, they kind like us black magic power to get you interested and you start talking to them. Once you have told them the direction or the bus to take, they tell you that they don’t know the place, so they will then ask you to take them there. Once you have taken them, they will take you somewhere as and they will rob you.

The moment I notice that he was a con man, I said this simple words “thank you Jesus’’. Before I had left the house in the morning I had prayed and asked Jesus to guide me throughout my day and everything I did. And the first thing I noticed in this incident is that Jesus had kept his promise by being there for me. Imagine if I had not asked him to guide me and protect me, what would have happened to me? I would probably had fallen for the lies of the devil which where interfering with my day. I would probably have fallen for the conman’s lies saying that he didn't know where Mikocheni is. It’s clearly that the devil is a conman, and there will be people who use the same method as he does.

This is a true testimony and I am forever grateful for allowing Jesus to be in control of everything I do. The same way I want you to start trusting in Him and letting him be in control of all your days and everything you do. Some of us get lost in life and lose everything because we don’t know who to trust. We need to learn how to trust the might God. I have never regretted trusting him. Whether I am passing through good and bad times, I just know that he is there with me and he is the one who is bearing the worse than I am. And the more he does all this things the more my faith grows in Him. Sometimes in life we miss out the miracles and good things because we are taking the wrong directions and being misguided. We must learn how to trust him every day.

We shouldn't lose our trust on Him just because He doesn't seem to be there. In this world there isn't a better life like that one of being comfortable and happy. He will fill up your heart with joy and happiness. Even if you are a millionaire and have every need satisfied, trust me there isn't a better life than that of trusting God with your life. I don’t own my life, he owns it, so I have decided to put my entire life in his hands because I know that I have nothing to lose.

I am kindly asking you to start trusting the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and you will the great life you will live. He will guide you in making the right decisions and living a better life. The joy that my heart seek for is that of knowing that He is always there in times of pleasure and need. He is my refugee camp and He is the living God that I trust my life with. Start trusting in Jesus more that you do and you will find your life happier than ever. Just dare to trust and believe and you will see the wonderful things he can do. Don’t let God drift out of your life. In bad or good times God is always there for you.


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